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“Oh my God, what if you wake up some day, and you’re 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written; or you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen.”


Let’s not let that happen Honey.

I’ve totally got you.

Let me start start by saying, I trust you completely.

I trust that you know what’s best for you, I trust that you have all of your answers within that wisdom-filled body of yours, I trust that you know the next teeny-tiny step you’re being guided to take.

It is my job to trust you, until you feel that level of trust within yourself.

It’s my job to see & hold you in your absolute highest potential, until you see in yourself, what I see so clearly in you.

Ready to LUSH-UP your life?


12-weeks of deep and soulful transformation through my 1:1 bespoke life-coaching series;

(Longer-term support is also available, if that’s your flavour, just ask!)

Ready to LUSH-UP & UP-LEVEL your life?

For the huge-hearted & rebellious women of the world, making the brave move to do things differently.

I know that, you know you’re here for more. To play a bigger game. To squeeze so much more of the juice out of life… and have the absolute BEST time in the process!

You and I are gonna get along… I can feel it!


  • You’re settling for a mediocre life? It’s not that you have a bad life right, but you just have this niggling feeling that there’s got to be more than this?
  • You’ve started to take an interest in personal development, you’ve even started ‘doing the work’ but you’re struggling to get the results you want?
  • You have some great ideas, there’s so much you want to explore and you could get lost for hours in daydreams about how your life COULD look, but then there’s always something that holds you back from taking action?
  • You feel conflicted between what you feel you ‘should’ be doing versus what you actually WANT to do, and you’re always worrying about what other people will think?
  • You get caught up in feelings like jealousy, comparison, insecurity and never feel good enough for anything?
  • You find yourself caught in the mental trap of overthinking which results in you making up fake scenarios in your head, which then result in you hurting your own feelings?
  • You’re getting pretty sick of yourself now, you’re so tired of trying and giving up but you’re at a loss of what to even try next?


  • Feel that you’re living an inspired, passionate and purpose fuelled life, the kind of life that sets your soul on FIRE!
  • Start using all of the new knowledge you’ve gained so far on your personal development journey and see how it feels to truly embody that information and start living in your highest potential.
  • Turn those daydreams into reality and start seeing real life results of the actions you’re taking to create a life you’re completely in LOVE with?
  • Have crystal clear clarity on exactly the direction you’re heading and know deep within your core what’s truly important to you in life, so that any concerns of what other people might think, now feel like a distant memory?
  • Have such an unshakable foundation of self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth that it’s hard to believe that you used to feel any other way?
  • Have built a whole new perspective on life, you’ve learnt to become fully aware of your thoughts and how your mind works so that whenever you’re tempted by your old overthinking ways, you’re equipped with tools on how to feel more empowered instead?
  • Feel completely energised by your life so that at the end of each day instead of feeling exhausted, you feel absolutely LIT UP!

“Yes, yes, yes! I want that!”… then you and I need to talk Sis!

Let’s get clear on who I am as a coach;


  • You’re ready to Up-Level & you want your life to feel totally LUSH! You’ve already started to delve into personal development and you’ve done some of the work yourself, but now you’re ready to take things further, to really embodying the lessons, level-up and rise to your highest potential.
  • You’re ready and willing to work on all and any areas it takes to get you living life as the BEST version of YOU, this means; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, financially.
  • You’re SO ready to know what it feels like to have unshakable self-trust, self-belief, deep inner-confidence & to know with every sense of the word that you are SO worthy of everything you desire.
  • You’re ready to stop playing small, stop settling and start LIVING a soul-full and luscious life!
  • You’re ready to commit to creating a future that feels like freedom, play, fun, joy & entirely like you.
  • You’re ready to commit to the work, showing up for yourself & getting the support you need which includes the full financial commitment that accompanies this.


I know it’s an absoulte privilege to work with women in the way I do. To swim deep and to have a whole lot of fun in the process.

I love to really play at both ends of the spectrum. I work in a way that will take you to your deepest depths, whilst playing with the lighest of lightness… you gotta be able to laugh whilst cleaning up the shit in my opinion!

And so, I only work with women who are really ready to ‘go there’ themselves, women who’ve already done some of the work, who are willing to face-off with some of the darkets parts of themselves and women who really know how to laugh.

This is the work. It might be messy, but it get’s to be so much fun!

What’s included in the coaching package?

  • Clarity questionnaire – lets dig deep and find out what it is you really want to get out of coaching & whether I’m the right coach to support you with that (I’ll always be honest with you).
  • Alignment Call (30-40 mins) I’m not for everyone, I know that &  I don’t work with just anyone, so this is a chance to get to know each other a little better, have a chat about the details in your questionnaire and see if we are a good match & in alignment with one-another. I offer this consultation free of charge (and obligation) before we even begin so that we can check we’re a good fit, before we commit!

If It’s a ‘HELL YES!’ from us both, then we get down to business…

  • 1 x 60-90 min inspiration and intention setting session. Here we really dig deep and set  you up with some seriously inspiring intentions  that will lay the foundations for the months to come.
  • 5 x 60 min coaching sessions. We will have live calls together every fortnight which will be completely bespoke, where you are the agenda, where we swim deep, play with the magic of the moment & keep you moving ever-closer to where you want to be.
  • Unlimited email and voice-note support. Between sessions you will continue to have unlimited support from me, so that you can courageously move closer to your dreams & desires, knowing that you’re never alone.
  • Worksheets & Resources, these will be selected just for you based on your own personal journey.

*Please note that all sessions take place via Zoom or telephone, therefore you can work with me from anywhere in the world so long as our time zones are compatible.*

Your investment:

£899 (GBP) payable in one lump sum (or 3 x monthly payments of £300 (GBP)

 (Personalised payment plans are also available to make this feel supportive for you)

Making an investment like this one can be an incredibly transformative experience in itself & also ensures that you show up fully for the experience.

However, I understand that for some, this will be a substantial investment & I don’t want you to place yourself under any serious financial strain to work with me. Therefore, it’s best to take your time to consider whether this is something you’re really ready to commit to.

You don’t need me & I will never try to convince you that you do.

However, I am devoted to my craft and deeply believe in the power & transformation that coaching can offer.

So if working with me is something that you want & that you’re being intuitively pulled towards, then I would love to support you if we feel like a good fit.

Click below to contact me & let’s have a conversation about what happens next…


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