Failure… the thing we all dread in the face of something new.

I used to fear failing so much, that at times, I wouldn’t even allow myself to try.

But what if failure wasn’t something to be feared? What if failure instead was just a lesson which told you what didn’t work this time around, so that you could figure out what needs to be tweaked before going again?

When you think about the people you admire and the things they have achieved in their lives, have you ever stopped to consider how many times they actually had to fail in order to become great?

You see, when we can start to look at failure as our lesson, when we can start to use failure as feedback to pivot and go again, it really doesn’t feel that scary at all.

The only time a person truly fails, is when they let that failure stop them and they don’t try, try, try again.

The problem these days is that we see too many people as an ‘overnight success’, one day they are your average Joe, the next they have created something super amazing and everyone wants what they have. But what we don’t see, is the years of grit and determination, the breakdowns, the breakthrough’s , the multiple failures and the sheer will to try again. The courage it has taken to push past comfort zones, and the continuous work it has taken to reach that success. We just assume that they must be one of the special ones or that they got lucky, and we aren’t special so why even try?

Anyone who is doing better than you, has failed and got back up more times than you have.

Anyone not doing as well as you, hasn’t yet faced the amount of failure that you have.


Our chances of succeeding are entirely linked to our ability to allow ourselves to fail. It is also linked to what we then choose to do after that failure that determines the success.

How many times does a baby fail at walking before they finally get the knack of this two-legged life? It’s a lot. They get up, they fall down, they take 2 steps, they fall down. If after failing a couple of times they decided, that’s it… this walking around thing just aint for me, we  would never have made it this far as a species.

Getting up, and trying again is never an easy thing to do, but it’s in these moments of learning from failure and going again that we build our courage and resilience which is entirely necessary if we want to succeed.

So try…

Go again…

You’ve got this.