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Where kind-hearted meets business.

Before you read on, I wanted to first create a way that you could not only read about this experience, but actually feel it. So, to do that, I invite you to take 5 minutes, hit play on the button below, close down your eyes and see how this experience truly feels in your body…


You feelin’ it? Me too…

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Joining HOMECOMING has been one of the best (if not the best) decisions I have made for myself and my coaching business. Chelsea is such an inspiring human being and always brings the most beautiful energy to the group calls. I felt very safe to show my truest self in the group calls which I hadn’t experienced in any group setting before. Through this journey of coming back to myself, I have experienced and felt a lot more clarity and welcomed in more flow into my life and business. I now know without a doubt what I’m meant to be sharing with the world and how I’m meant to be helping women through their journey of reconnecting with their intuition. I am so happy I invested in this container and in Chelsea. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to feel truly aligned with both life and business ❤️

Marina, Intuitive Life Coach

A call to the Kind Hearts

The ones who want to do life & business differently.

It’s time to come home…

Whether you’ve taken the leap and started your business, or right now it just feels like a WILD idea, this one’s for you.

For the beautiful, big-hearted women of the world who are making the brave move to do things differently.

I know how it feels to be a kind-hearted & compassionate woman in business who feels at times that she’s contending with a harsh, brash and even sometimes, brutal business world out there. It’s exhausting.

Where words like ‘cold-leads’ and ‘sales-funnels’ feel so far out of alignment with your warm human heart, they send shivers down your spine; yet sometimes it feels like there’s no other way if you really want to ‘make it’ out there.

Is it really possible to build a business that’s lead from the heart, spills from your soul and truly helps others without having to step into this cold & uncomfortable arena? Without having to fight against every instinct in your body that’s gnawing at you, telling you that something’s not right?

Well, there is another way. There’s the way that works for you and I’m going to guide you to discover exactly what that is.

I’m not about to tell you I have all of the answers, because I don’t.

I’m not here to give you the latest strategy, the super-secret sauce, the instant £10k months or the perfectly mapped out ‘10-step plan to business success!’

I’m here to guide you towards getting your life and business into alignment so that it feels entirely like you. Entirely like your big-hearted beautiful self.

And those results you’re after? Well, they get to be an incredibly beautiful by-product.

I’m here to coax & seduce the magic out of you that’s already lying in wait beneath the surface… BURNING to get out.

This is a journey of coming home to yourself so that you can approach life & business from an entirely aligned place.

Tell me, do these words feel good to you? feel at home in your body?

Self-trust, belief, intuition, alignment, ease, flow, inner-knowing, feminine power…


Because if you answered yes, then my love, you’re in the right place.

Envision a life & business that feels just like you… gentle yet powerful, calm yet wild, kind yet strong.


This is what happens when kind-hearted meets business.

You’re a down to earth woman and nurturing others is just part of your human nature; you love hard and care deeply. You’re kind, spiritually savvy, compassionate and will do whatever it takes for those who need your support and to see your business grow.

You’re a deep feeler, thinker and you really SEE people far beyond their surface.

You’re humble, sincere and a POWERFUL creator.

And as for those who mistake your kindness for weakness? Those who doubt that you’ve got it in you to make this work?

Well, that’s terribly bad judgement on their part.

Because to think a deeply loving woman who grows, births & raises her business from the ground up, doesn’t have what it takes to make it out there?

That’s like telling a mama bear she’s incapable of raising her cub.

And have you ever seen the lengths a mother would go to for her babe?

Have you ever seen the fierceness and ferociousness that can arise within a woman when it comes to someone or something she loves?

Make no mistake.. she’s got what it takes.

Out of all the coaching programmes I have joined in the past year (5 to be exact) Homecoming has probably been the most transformational one of all. I was so completely lost and overwhelmed in the online business world. I was stressed, burnt out and feeling pretty low and desperate. I was tired of being thrown endless sales strategies and none of them working. Homecoming has been nothing short of amazing and a truly transformational experience. I no longer attach my worth and value to my business, I don’t feel pressured into doing icky sales pitches in order to sell my services and I feel like I can go at a pace that feels good to me. This course hasn’t just impacted my business but my whole life. I feel transformed from overwhelm, fear and scarcity to peace, serenity and abundance. Please don’t just consider signing up for Homecoming, go ahead and do it!

Nicole, Self-love & Empowerment Coach

I coach women in life & business, but I don’t exactly consider myself a ‘business coach’ per se, that title doesn’t sit right with me. I consider myself a woman in business who’s consciously choosing to go against the common narrative that ‘this has to be hard’ that you ‘must follow a specific strategy’ – brave move I know, when it feels like the whole world is telling you otherwise…

I’m also a woman in business who’s really good at having the conversations with other women in business that most would dodge.

I’m a truth-teller, I say it how it really is and wear my heart on my sleeve. Ask me what’s worked? I’ll tell you. Ask me what’s failed? I’ll tell you that too. I’m a whole lot of REAL and no topic is ever out of bounds with me.

I’ve seen the results that can happen when your heart & energy is in the right place, when you’re coming from a place of alignment and I want you to experience that too.

Why am I creating this space for kind-hearted women in business to come together? Because it’s exactly what I needed, and someone once told me “don’t write the book that’s in your head, write the book that you wish existed”… but I’m not in the practice of writing books right now, I’m in the practice of holding space and this is the space I wish existed, the space I needed… You’re welcome ?

I’m creating this space because I’m finally ready to let go of the story that’s been playing on repeat in my head that says “You’re not qualified to do this” and “who are you to help other women in business” but after a 10-year corporate career of leading people and now over 12-months of running my own business and supporting other women in running theirs, from healer’s, yoga teachers, writers, creatives, singers, bloggers, coaches, photographers to direct sales managers, virtual assistants, hairdressers, beauticians, personal trainers, designers and accountants… I’d say;

who the hell am I not to help other women in business?

And after hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations with other women about their lives and businesses and each of them lighting me ALL the way up every.single.time. I’m finally realising that this is exactly where I’m meant to be.

And if you’re still reading this far, then I think you’re exactly where you need to be too kind-heart.

This. Is. 


The perfect blend of coming home to yourself and coming home to your business.


This won’t feel like home for everyone.

That’s right, because there’s no set structure, no PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s or worksheets and for some that won’t feel good at all.

This is about the power of flow, the power of intuition, the MAGIC of deep and intentional conversation. It’s about trusting that whatever needs to come through for you will come. Trusting that being held in a powerful space with powerful women is exactly where you need to be and will give you everything you need on this journey home to yourself.

This is ultimately about trusting you, your intuition, your natural born gifts and your own innate wisdom.

Did reading that just send a wave of calm & peace over you?… If so, then something tells me you’re going to feel right at home in this space.

But, if you’re looking for the step-by-step strategic plan, my love, this ones not for you.

You’ll be tapping into that ever-flowing river of wisdom that runs through your veins, cultivating a deep and potent relationship with your intuition, listening to the quiet whispers of your heart and leaning into your rebellious nature that wants to do the exact opposite of what she’s told she must do. All whilst moving yourself into even deeper alignment with who you really are, what feels really good to you and what you came here to do.


Your life & business is about to be taken to a whole other level and feel a whole lot more like YOU.

You’ll be working each week with my support to come even further home to yourself and your business (or business to-be).

As a group, we’ll gather fortnightly in our powerful and potent online space where you and the kind-hearted & compelling women beside you will allow whatever is present to be shared & heard and in return you’ll receive guidance, inspiration, clarity and support. You will walk away feeling entirely inspired, held and knowing the next directions you need to take on this wonderful journey home.

I often find myself in absolute awe of the power that witnessing another woman in your group being held and supported holds, of the magical insights and inspiration that it can spark within you too.

Over a period of 4-months you are going to experience the most profound changes, insights, clarity and inner-transformation and your life & business is going to feel the most YOU its ever felt… and I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s an incredible honour and privilege that you’ll be doing this right alongside your new support squad of powerful sisters, rising together and stronger together, because that’s how we do things around here.

You feelin’ this kind-heart? Because I am…

Keep reading below…

This. Is.


Welcome home…

 4-month group coaching experience – *next round coming Summer 2021.

Fortnightly powerful group calls (8 group calls in total).

4 x 45-min 1:1 coaching sessions (1 session per month).

Weekly private group check-ins & support.

Additional support from me via voice notes in between sessions.

BonusesRecorded guest speaker interviews + hand-picked music playlists (purely because that feels fun!) + a few special extras!

Your Investment:


or 4 x monthly payments of £278

(personalised payment plans are also available to make this work for you)

*Spaces are kept to a small & limited number to ensure a super-intimate & immersive experience, so early expressions of interest are encouraged to avoid dissapointment.

Homecoming for me, was a supportive space where you are welcomed and accepted as you are in whatever state you feel called to be in. There is so much power in being seen, heard and held in a way that you don’t find in many places on earth just now! The darkness is welcomed as well as the light and Chelsea supports you to move through both. It’s hard to describe just how expansive this experience was for me… It’s like that feeling of home but from the inside! I now feel safe and secure in my own skin, I no longer feel the need to compare myself or my journey, I’ve slowed down and trusted so much more and even made some life-changing decisions along the way! I’ve welcomed in clarity, ease and self-compassion. It’s been the ultimate homecoming to myself!

Jenna, Spiritual Guide, Coach & Healer


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