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One Off Clarity Session

  • Are you at a cross-roads or have a big decision that you need to make?
  • Are you tired of receiving conflicting opinions from anyone and everyone about what they think you should do?
  • Do you just want to be heard, listened to, and for someone to be a sounding board to help you get to the heart of what it is you truly want?
  • Maybe you already know what you want, but you’re too afraid to make the decision because of what others might think.

Then this is where I can help

I know how it feels to be faced with a big decision and not know who to listen to, because everyone you speak to seems to give conflicting advice.

I get that sometimes you just want to ‘talk it through’ with someone so you can say your thoughts out loud and weigh up the pro’s & cons, but their opinion or advice leaves you feeling clouded with doubt.

And I also know that you already have the answer within you, but sometimes you just need some support to get clear on what that is.


Deep Dive Questionnaire

This will ask you some thought-provoking questions so that we can get clear on the details of the decision you’re weighing up.

This also allows me the opportunity to make sure it is something I am able to help you with before you commit to anything.


I will be your sounding board, I will be listening to what you have to say (and also what you are not saying) and reflecting back to you/asking you powerful questions to help you dig deep and get to the heart of what it is that you truly want, so you can finally start moving forward with your life.


I will provide you with further worksheets and any resources that may be relevant to your situation and decision.


You will have access to me via email and Voxer (walkie-talkie style app) for a further 2 weeks after our session so that I can continue to support you whilst you navigate through any changes or hurdles (as well as any unsolicited advice or opinions from people) that may come as a result, so that you can stay on track and feeling good whilst moving forward.

Your Investment – £180 (payable in full prior to your session taking place)



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