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The SEEN Course

Conscious Leadership & Authentic Marketing Training for Coaches, Intuitives & Healers

SEEN is an online, self-paced course created by Emma Rose as part of Conscious Leaders Club, which I’ve chosen to become an affiliate for, due to the undeniable impact this course has had on my life & business since taking it myself. You can scroll to the bottom of this page if you wish to skip straight to my affiliate offer or read on to get more of an insight into my personal experience as I share my truth on how this course has changed the game in the most beautiful way for me.

“SEEN was created to guide soul-led coaches & visionary entrepreneurs into deeper consciousness as they market their gifts & services. It is designed to be a total reset & inner-journey for participants to come back home to themselves, their value & their own intuition and how those things can be a guiding light in their marketing, sales & overall business proposition. The course has a focus on ethical business practices and is intentionally unconventional in its approach to online business”

– Emma Rose

But what does that all mean

I hear you asking, because I was the exact same & had my reservations about signing up to a course which felt very different to anything I’d ever seen available before. It’s easier for me to just tell you about my experience through spoken words, so hit play on the video below where I share my honest experience from sign-up to course completion…

My Affiliate Offer for You


Emma’s beautiful intention of gifting the opportunity to become an affiliate for this course (which by the way, will be an option for you too if it feels good) is to create the foundation for a feminine economy. An economy where the treasures of feminine life & leadership are shared & remembered throughout our community. Through sharing our messages, resources & heartfelt intentions and where wealth is circulated & distributed equally… think, kindred souls who are all on the same playing field, there is no hierarchy here, we are all leaders. It is the most generous affiliate offer I’ve seen anywhere, for anything, where 50% of the profits are shared & circulated among those who feel called towards this way of life, business & sharing the soulful messages carried throughout this course.

By signing up through my affiliate link (below), it is with a grateful heart that I offer you a bonus 60-90 min coaching session with me to be used within 3 months of your course purchase date so that I can support you in allowing your beautiful lessons to land & integrate into your life, business & nervous system.

If hearing about this course has allowed your shoulders to drop & your mind, body & soul to relax, then get ready to take a deep breath of fresh air as you dive deep into your heart truths & intuitive knowing…get ready to be SEEN for who you truly are.

What people are saying about SEEN…

“An absolute breath of fresh air in the online business world!”

“SEEN isn’t ‘just another course’. It’s a complete shift in perspective and way of looking at marketing through new/fresh eyes.”

“It’s honestly a complete reframe of business, one that soothes the nervous system and washes a sense of calmness over you like I’ve never experienced before since stepping into the entrepreneurial world.”

“I found myself completely relaxed listening to the audios and actually excited to work through the modules.”

“Emma has truly created something so special, magical, and unique here and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling exhausted by all of the external ‘noise’ and from doing ALL of the things to try and make their business work without seeing the results they hoped for.”

“Get ready to start seeing the world of business through a brand new (much more easeful lens). If I could describe this course in just one word, it would be; EXHALE. A real breath of fresh air for your soul.”


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