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Chelsea was fantastic throughout our sessions, I felt like we had known each other for years, she is so easy to talk to and be open with which meant a lot to me. She knew when I was holding something back and was so genuinely interested in my actions.

She was my very own cheerleader whilst also holding me accountable for everything and giving me the power I needed.

I left the series with a fresh perspective of who I am as a person, more self-love and a new kind of Girl Boss mindset which I will not be letting go!”


The word “coach” is too small a word to describe what a coaching series with Chelsea is all about. She’s a personal cheerleader, an amazing listener, but most importantly, she helps you to draw your own path and then walks alongside you on your journey.

Since coaching with Chelsea, I am now so much more contented to let life flow. My mind has calmed down, my body has relaxed, I feel happier overall, and I have a greater acceptance and love for who I am.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels like they need to reconnect with themselves, or needs a new direction and aren’t sure where to start. Working with Chelsea has been wonderful for so many reasons, I really feel like she can help anyone get to where they need to be.


“Since coaching with Chelsea my friends have said how much happier and comfortable I seem in myself, and for me, I think the biggest thing is the confidence I now feel within.

Before we started, I was really struggling with loving and accepting myself as a person and I was putting my self-worth in other people’s hands.

My life has since propelled throughout our time working together, I have attracted so many amazing things into my life and I can now wholeheartedly say that I know my own worth.” 

Anna, Manchester, UK

““Before coaching, I was really struggling with who I was as a person, and in particular, liking who I was. I constantly let negative people drain me or put me down and always worried about what people think.

Money was a huge worry day to day, stress and anxiety would often totally take over, and I really struggled to switch off from work and found this affecting my personal life.

I expected that coaching would include some positive chats but the impact this has had on my life and my career is fantastic as I just feel I am attracting more and more good things to me!

The impact on my relationships, and the relationship I have with myself, have been far beyond anything I could have asked for.

To not be eaten up by anxiety each day and be able to express myself in a calm and rational way is truly life changing for me!” 

Emma, cumbria, UK

“My experience of coaching with Chelsea was so magical and truly life changing! I now feel that I have a solid foundation to support me through the good and bad times, I have a better relationship with myself and my body and I have also made strides in my career as well! I loved that we set concrete exercises and actions to move the needle forward, this was a real game changer for me. Chelsea was such a tremendous support for me, she has a true gift for life coaching, I never once felt judged by her and felt very safe to tell her anything. Chelsea creates such a safe space for you to connect no matter what your age, she is so kind, generous and gifted, a real soul sister who just wants what’s best for you!”

Sharon, Atlanta, USA


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