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Chelsea was fantastic throughout our sessions, I felt like we had known each other for years, she is so easy to talk to and be open with which meant a lot to me. She knew when I was holding something back and was so genuinely interested in my actions.

She was my very own cheerleader whilst also holding me accountable for everything and giving me the power I needed.

I left the series with a fresh perspective of who I am as a person, more self-love and a new kind of Girl Boss mindset which I will not be letting go!”


The word “coach” is too small a word to describe what a coaching series with Chelsea is all about. She’s a personal cheerleader, an amazing listener, but most importantly, she helps you to draw your own path and then walks alongside you on your journey.

Since coaching with Chelsea, I am now so much more contented to let life flow. My mind has calmed down, my body has relaxed, I feel happier overall, and I have a greater acceptance and love for who I am.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels like they need to reconnect with themselves, or needs a new direction and aren’t sure where to start. Working with Chelsea has been wonderful for so many reasons, I really feel like she can help anyone get to where they need to be.


““Before coaching, I was really struggling with who I was as a person, and in particular, liking who I was. I constantly let negative people drain me or put me down and always worried about what people think.

Money was a huge worry day to day, stress and anxiety would often totally take over, and I really struggled to switch off from work and found this affecting my personal life.

I expected that coaching would include some positive chats but the impact this has had on my life and my career is fantastic as I just feel I am attracting more and more good things to me!

The impact on my relationships, and the relationship I have with myself, have been far beyond anything I could have asked for.

To not be eaten up by anxiety each day and be able to express myself in a calm and rational way is truly life changing for me!” 

Emma, cumbria, UK

“My experience of coaching with Chelsea was so magical and truly life changing! I now feel that I have a solid foundation to support me through the good and bad times, I have a better relationship with myself and my body and I have also made strides in my career as well! I loved that we set concrete exercises and actions to move the needle forward, this was a real game changer for me. Chelsea was such a tremendous support for me, she has a true gift for life coaching, I never once felt judged by her and felt very safe to tell her anything. Chelsea creates such a safe space for you to connect no matter what your age, she is so kind, generous and gifted, a real soul sister who just wants what’s best for you!”

Sharon, Atlanta, USA

“Even though I had already done so much work on myself and had a lot of knowledge over a broad spectrum, I felt myself struggling with overwhelm and with old ways/patterns and limiting beliefs still lingering. Chelsea held the space for me to move through all of this much faster than the time it would have taken me to do it alone. I now feel lighter, happier and free! I’m more self-aware, more understanding, kind and compassionate towards myself. Chelsea has the natural ability to allow you to be your true self & feel so comfortable in her presence, she has a way with words that sheds light on the darker topics and helps you to process your feelings whilst also guiding you towards your own realisations to enable you to take action towards your BIG goals & create the life of your dreams.”

Jenna-Lea, Cumbria, UK

Group Coaching Reviews

The whole experience of The Confidence Collective was fantastic, beautiful & magical! I loved how much I grew and learned over the 7 weeks! The value and content was amazing and every week I had big takeaways. I gained so much confidence and started growing into my dream self! I loved how we had homework and journal time to really reflect and make it personal to us. I also loved the community! Getting on the weekly calls and having the Facebook group for extra support was awesome, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! The whole course exceeded all of my expectations!

Stephanie, Oregon, USA

The Confidence Collective provided exactly what was advertised and more…
Think of a group of strangers, who all share a similar passion; a thirst for self-development and a willingness to open up and share their experience to become a better version of themselves.
I completely underestimated the power of group coaching and not only how much I could learn from the dedicated coach that Chelsea is but also from the other ladies in the group.
I found the course a fantastic experience and one I’m grateful to Chelsea for. She is a Ray of light!
Honest, hardworking with amazing integrity.

Danielle, Newcastle, UK

The Confidence Collective has been the most unique self-development experience and I feel so grateful to have been part of it. When I signed up, I was feeling lost, looking for something that I wasn’t quite sure of and fearful of judgement, and have come out of the other side with a completely different mindset. Even though I know self-growth is a journey this couldn’t have been a better way to start mine off and I am super lucky to have built up a support group with an amazing group of women. If you do one thing to invest in yourself, I fully recommend it’s taking part in The Confidence Collective!

Sarah, Cumbria, UK

The Confidence Collective was the most amazing space, held by Chelsea. It offered the chance to connect with a new group of like-minded women who were so supportive and empowering towards one another. It was the perfect space for us girls to grow, learn, and to be ourselves. To self-improve and become stronger. To form great friendships with new connections, and to realise it’s ok to let go of old ones which are no longer serving us. We have supported and empowered each other, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it!

Emma, Cumbria, UK

I loved the depth of The Confidence Collective and all the areas covered. The childhood deep dive was a real eye opener and has really supported my relationship with both my parents. I loved the fact that we got to check in and listen to others experiences as well as the freedom to do the work in our own time. It gave us the chance to show up for ourselves as much as we desired with the incredible support from Chelsea. This experience has been truly incredible and eye opening, I definitely feel the most confident me yet and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself in this group setting.

Jenna-Lea, Beijing, China


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