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The Confidence Collective

Seven weeks to the most confident you yet!


For the woman who is SO ready to step up, step out and release those feelings of never quite feeling good enough, worthy enough and who despite all efforts, hasn’t quite reached that level of self-trust & belief that she’s SO ready to reach.

Imagine being surrounded by a group of authentic & supportive soul sisters who are on a journey to confidence & self-trust together and who sincerely want to see each other RISE.

Now imagine being held in a safe, non-judgemental space alongside your soul sisters by your coach & mentor who has your back and supports you the whole way.

Welcome to The Confidence Collectiveseven weeks to the most confident you yet!

 Think weekly online masterclasses, hot seat coaching, questions & group sharing.

Think private Facebook community where you can connect with your soul sisters & coach, share your wins, celebrate your achievements and be held through any breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Think online Sisterhood, support and genuine connection with other women all on this journey together.

Think guest coaches & speakers to give you an extra boost of support & encouragement along the way.

Magical Experience!

Soulful Sisterhood was deep, immersive and unlike anything I’ve done before in a group setting! I really felt at ease and can honestly say I will always think of the souls I spent time and space with in these sessions and hope to meet them all in person one day! I liked the free flow and the shares and the fact that Chelsea was a participant as well as the space holder! I feel I will always think about it and feel warm inside and have the most beautiful memories! What a gift to fully show up as yourself every time and be accepted for you no matter what! All was welcomed and it was a great honour to be a part of such a soothing magical experience! Thank you so much Chelsea and to all the souls in the circle! I’m beyond grateful to have spent such sacred time and space with you!


So Lush!

Soulful Sisterhood was lush! I really liked the breakdown of the sessions, some more themed and some a bit more fluid and it was nice to have each theme as a surprise to look forward to rather than something I might have worried about in advance or tried to plan for. It was lovely to meet likeminded women in search of connection and have women to share my vulnerabilities with. Some of the journal prompts and topics discussed were challenging but I knew I wouldn’t be judged by exploring these with women who were willing to do the same. It was great to heal some of my sister wounds, knowing that we are all the same when we are willing to be open, no matter how our life looks on the outside. I know that I could reach out to any of the sisters including Chelsea, whether I wanted someone to talk to about an issue with zero judgement, or to celebrate me without jealousy. Would definitely do it again!



When I first began my coaching, I was stuck in an emotional rut. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I had a lot of limiting beliefs at play & wasn’t living out my passion or purpose. I had been yearning to leave my 9-5 job of 3 years to set off on an adventure and spiritual journey but was lacking the self-belief or confidence to do so. I felt an instant connection with Chelsea, she has amazing, positive & upbeat energy and I love how she weaves spirituality throughout her coaching sessions and general overall ethos. I felt incredibly held, supported, encouraged & celebrated, even for my ‘small wins’ & felt I could talk to Chelsea about anything which was such a relief after my previous experiences with other forms of therapy. By the end of our time together it would be no exaggeration to say my WHOLE WORLD had changed I realised how effortlessly I had reached all of my goals and went from living at my parents house, dreaming of adventure & freedom to living in Spain! & being on the path to becoming a Life & Female Awakening Coach myself! There were so many sparks of inspiration that came from our sessions & they gave me the self-belief & confidence I needed to make this happen!

Lydia Rose

Incredible and Eye-opening

I loved the depth of The Confidence Collective and all the areas covered. The childhood deep dive was a real eye opener and has really supported my relationship with both my parents. I loved the fact that we got to check in and listen to others experiences as well as the freedom to do the work in our own time. It gave us the chance to show up for ourselves as much as we desired with the incredible support from Chelsea. This experience has been truly incredible and eye-opening, I definitely feel the most confident me yet and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself in this group setting.

Jenna-Lea, Beijing, China

Supportive and Empowering

The Confidence Collective was the most amazing space, held by Chelsea. It offered the chance to connect with a new group of like-minded women who were so supportive and empowering towards one another. It was the perfect space for us girls to grow, learn, and to be ourselves. To self-improve and become stronger. To form great friendships with new connections, and to realise it’s ok to let go of old ones which are no longer serving us. We have supported and empowered each other, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it!

Emma, Cumbria, UK

Heres what you need to know

The Confidence Collective is a seven-week intensive online live coaching course which includes weekly masterclasses + time for questions & hot seat coaching, as well as personalised resources & worksheets to take away for the week ahead. If you sign-up via the early bird offer it also includes a one-off 45 min private coaching session with me (valued at over £100!) which can be used at any point throughout the seven weeks. Each masterclass is recorded and shared via a private link so if you miss a week, don’t worry as you’ll get the playback and can submit any questions you have in advance or in the private Facebook community.

You will have lifetime access to the masterclasses & worksheets so you can keep coming back to the lessons again and again.

After each masterclass, we will open the space for any questions and hot seat coaching to help support you through anything that’s coming up for you in real time. There are no time limits and no questions will go unanswered.

Working in a group environment can be really beneficial as it gives an opportunity to learn from other women who are going through similar breakthroughs and means that they may bring up topics or questions that you’ve been feeling inside but haven’t quite yet been able to verbalise yourself.

It is also a powerful and unique experience to be held so strongly in a supportive group environment.

Each week’s group call will start with the masterclass of the week, with each having tangible & actionable steps to start implementing right away. you will also be given homework, resources & worksheets to continue your learning throughout the week in preparation for the following weeks call (and which will also continue to support you even after the course ends). 

Next round coming 2021!

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Keen to know more?

Here are the specifics


Introduction to The Confidence Collective & what YOU want to get from the course.

During week 1 we will dig deep and find out what it is you REALLY want to get out of this course, we will establish how you feel now and how you truly want to feel by the end. We will look at ‘your dream future self’ and the things that could be holding you back from being that ‘future you’ right now. We will also get crystal clear on what Confidence, Worthiness & Self-trust really looks and feel like to you.


What makes us this way? (Disclaimer – this week may be triggering for some)

In week 2 we will be looking to strip back and restore. We will be looking at the ways that our mindset and behaviours could have been influenced by what was modelled to us when we were children. We will look at where your beliefs come from, whether they are actually YOUR beliefs or whether you have taken on someone else’s beliefs and you will be shown how to ‘choose again’ if you want to re-write your beliefs so that they are more empowering and supportive of the life you want to create for yourself. We will also uncover any ‘conditions’ you are placing on yourself which could be holding you back from being the best version of you.


Getting to know yourself.

Week 3 is where you will be re-introduced to yourself. Not the you that you think you are but your TRUE self. We will look at the reasons you constantly seek approval from others and why other people’s opinions have such a hold over you (and also how you can let this go). We will look at any stories your mind is telling you and whether these are actually of any benefit. You will be questioning the ‘shoulds’, ‘could’s’ and expectations you are currently living by and also why you don’t have to choose either/or in life, you get be BOTH! It’s time to start living life on your own terms.


Your life in review.

Now that you know who you TRULY are, what do you need to DO in order to live a life in alignment with who that is? Here is where we will start to look at your routines, your habits and your lifestyle in order to identify what changes you can start making right now that future you will thank you for. It’s not always necessary to have a full life overhaul, sometimes it can be the smallest changes that make the biggest difference and these changes are often a lot easier than you think! Making changes can also have a ripple effect, so what seems minor, could be making huge waves that aren’t yet visible to the current you but that future you will thank you for!


The ‘Woo Woo’ Week.

My all time fave week! We will look at where you’re currently placing your focus and what life away from the ‘to do’ list looks like. We will explore how the Law of Attraction & Law of Action work in sync with one another and how by using these alongside your intuition & gut instincts, you can radically change your life! We will be looking at your mindset, your thought patterns and how your thoughts are actually creating your current reality. We will uncover how important it is to push your comfort zone to allow the space to welcome in more of the good stuff in life.


Your confidence around MONEY.

I almost didn’t include this as part of the course, but this hugely ‘taboo’ topic of money and how you REALLY feel about it, could actually be holding you back from living the life of your dreams. So, I would be doing you a HUGE disservice if I didn’t include it. In week 6 we will be uncovering what your money story really is, how you TRULY feel about money and abundance and how you can re-write that story. Get ready to feel FULL, rich, abundant and most of all wildly WORTHY!


Stepping up and out as the most CONFIDENT YOU YET! (Closing Sister Circle)

It’s time to RISE sister! This week we will discuss how you can use the lessons and tools from this course going forward and how to create rituals in your everyday life. We will cover the topics of forgiveness and boundaries to have you feeling fully equipped to continue growing and expanding into the ever-improving BEST VERSION OF YOU! After the closing circle, you will leave feeling lighter, more YOU than ever before, truly connected, SEEN, heard & most importantly you will have unshakable TRUST in yourself and feel the most CONFIDENT & WORTHY version of you yet!

Next round coming 2021!

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Coming to you in 2021!

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