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Hey, I’m Chelsea Grainger

 A Northern girl from Cumbria, UK.

 I’m a trained and qualified Life Coach who loves to help women in reclaiming their self-confidence, and empowering them to be who they truly are, and like who that is, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I was born in a town called Barrow-in-Furness and grew up as a typical 90’s kid loving The Spice Girls, my Tamagotchi and my favourite TV show was ‘The Worst Witch’… remember Mildred Hubble?

I started working whilst I was still at school and would spend my afternoon’s and weekends serving coffee and muffins (I was pretty proud of my coffee making skills!). I’ve spent most of my adult working life in corporate jobs, from real estate to team management within the local government (yawn).

I also spent most of my life not really knowing who I was and trying to be the person I thought I ‘should’ be, rather than the real me. I would change according to who I was around and who I was dating, trying to be more like them in an attempt to fit in and feel accepted (I was a human chameleon).

I’ve tried being everything from a goth, a tomboy to a super girly girl, and nothing felt quite right until I just accepted who I am… Chelsea (she’s a bit of a weirdo, but all the best people are!).

Just to name a few, here are some of things I’ve been working on over the past few years; jealousy and comparisonitis, people pleasing, fear of what other people think, never feeling good enough for anyone, and last but not least putting my happiness in other people’s hands (bad idea!). Basically, I just didn’t believe that I was enough of anything and my self-belief was practically none-existent.

When my own personal development journey began, everyone I followed, read about or watched online seemed to have, in their own way, hit an extreme ‘rock bottom’. I read about people being completely broken, crying on their bathroom floor, having major health scares, or worse, having a near death experience before they finally realised that enough was enough and something needed to drastically change.

This at first, made me feel like I didn’t belong in the personal development world. I felt as though I wasn’t ‘damaged’ enough (there I go again with the not-enoughness!). I didn’t have any specific life altering events or traumas which had caused me to turn to personal development, sure I’d been through some tough times, but nothing ‘bad enough’ to warrant me taking up space here. I simply just knew that I wanted to change. I wanted to get to know the real me and not be afraid of who that was.

What I soon learned was that, you don’t have to reach rock bottom, you can just decide that you want to change, but you should also know that there aren’t any quick fixes (sorry!), there isn’t any magic pill or diet that can make you believe in yourself and know your worth. Someone you love could tell you every day how amazing you are until they are blue in the face, but it makes no difference until you believe it yourself, and that takes work, which only you can do.

What I did know for sure was that I was tired of feeling insecure, jealous and so damn unfulfilled in life.

Through studying personal development and also working with life coaches myself, what I came to realise was that the key to happiness and acceptance is an inside job, everything that you seek outside of yourself, can all be found within (and trust me, I know how that sounds – insert eye roll right?). But I know it to be true, once you start to accept and embrace the real authentic you and start to realise that you are enough, exactly as you are…everything else in life just gets better.

With continuing hard work and persistence, I can finally say that I really do, hand on heart believe in myself, I know my worth, I know who I am and I bloody love my weird and goofy little self.

This is what led me to train as a life coach, I had finally found my calling in life and I just knew that I wanted to support people in becoming who they are truly meant to be using the tools and knowledge I’ve gained.

So if you have ever felt how I did or if you’ve even connected with just one thing I’ve said, I want you to know that you are so welcome here, if you’ve ever been made to feel like you aren’t enough or that you’re too much, every piece of you is welcome in this space, and I can support you in accepting you for you… the real you.

I want to set an example for all women out there and I want to show them what’s possible. I am a believer that once you get to the top of your mountain, you turn around and pull the next person up with you. I am a big believer in women supporting women and I’m a big believer in you.

What you didn’t know you wanted to know about me:

  • I went through a phase as a kid where I hated wearing clothes and would sit at the dining table naked (clearly I loved and embraced all of me back then!).
  • I lived in Sydney Australia from the age of 13 to 20.
  • I love to sing and dance (even though I’m not great at both but that’s not the point).
  • I LOVE food, like a lot. My favourite cuisine is Chinese (possibly my biggest weakness).
  • I’m British and I don’t drink tea, I’m also an Australian citizen and don’t like vegemite. I am a rebel.
  • I love a good positive quote, they give me all the feels!
  • I’m really just a big kid at heart, I love to play around and be silly.
  • I only started delving into personal development around January 2018, I started with books, YouTube videos, basic meditations and then got my own life coach, before throwing myself into an intensive 2 day workshop called The Bridge Experience in July 2018. In August 2018, I finally decided to take a chance on myself and to study with Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a Life Coach and haven’t looked back since.

Feeling like I’m your sister from another mister? Get in touch!


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