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About Me

Hey, I’m Chelsea Grainger

A huge-hearted human who is filled with childlike wonder & views the world as a very magical place…

I’m an Internationally Certified Coach & Events Facilitator for the kind-hearts in Life & Business.

Advocate for the beautiful & rebellious, big-hearted women of the world, making the brave move to do things differently.

I’m big on self-trust, belief, intuition, inner-knowing, ease & flow and I’m all about helping you get your life (and business) into alignment so that you can approach the things you truly want in a way that feels entirely like YOU.

I’m also a bit wild, wonderful & weird… a real mixed bag, which is why sometimes my words will be soothing, calm & soulful and other times they’ll be juiced-up, fueled & fizzy…  And I’m totally here for it. A human pick-N-mix, that’s my flavour.

Ready to create some magic?

I coach women in life & business, but I don’t exactly consider myself a ‘business coach’ as such, that title doesn’t sit right with me. I consider myself a woman who’s experienced in life & business and who’s consciously choosing to go against the common narrative that ‘this has to be hard’ or that you ‘must follow a specific strategy’ – brave move I know, when it feels like the whole world is telling you otherwise…

I’m also a woman in business who’s really good at having the conversations with other women in business that most would dodge.

I’m a truth-teller, I tell it how it really is and wear my heart on my sleeve. Ask me what’s worked? I’ll tell you. Ask me what’s failed? I’ll tell you that too. I’m a whole lot of REAL and no topic is ever out of bounds with me.

I’ve seen the results that can happen in both life & business when your heart & energy is in the right place, when you’re coming from a place of alignment and I want you to experience that too.

I started out solely as a Life Coach to help women regain their confidence and be who they truly are, but it soon became apparent that I was also really good at helping women who were in business too and a part of me wanted to do both.

Except, there was a story playing out in my head that told me “You’re not qualified to do that” and “who are you to help other women in business” but after a 10-year corporate career of managing people and now over 12-months of running my own business and supporting other women in theirs, from coaches, healer’s, yoga teachers, writers, creatives, singers, bloggers, photographers to direct sales managers, virtual assistants, hairdressers, beauticians, personal trainers, designers and accountants… I’m finally ready to say; “who the hell am I not to help women in business?”

And after hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations with other women about their lives and businesses and each of them lighting me ALL the way up every.single.time. I’m finally realising that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. And if you’ve found yourself here, reading this, then I think you’re exactly where you need to be too kind-heart.

So now I choose to do both, I support the big-hearted women of the world who are choosing to do life & business differently… I help the kind-hearts thrive!


There’s a lot more to my story than that though;

I was born in Cumbria, UK and grew up as a typical 90’s kid loving The Spice Girls, my Tamagotchi and my favourite TV show was ‘The Worst Witch’… remember Mildred Hubble?

I started working whilst I was still at school and would spend my afternoon’s and weekends serving coffee and muffins. I’ve spent most of my adult life working in corporate jobs, from real estate to 7 years of team leadership within local government.

I also spent most of my life not really knowing who I was and trying to be the person I thought I ‘should’ be, rather than the real me. I would change according to who I was around and who I was dating, trying to be more like them in an attempt to fit in and feel accepted (I was a human chameleon).

I’ve tried being everything from a goth, a tomboy to a super girly girl, and nothing felt quite right until I just accepted who I really am… Chelsea (she’s a bit of a weirdo, but all the best people are!).

Just to name a few, here are some of things I’ve been working on over the last few years; jealousy and comparison, people pleasing, fear of what other people think, never feeling good enough for anyone and relying on other people to make me happy. Basically, I just didn’t believe that I was enough of anything and my self-belief was practically none-existent.

After feeling tired of being the victim in my own story, I decided that something needed to change, and this is when I discovered personal development and most importantly… Coaching.

I honestly didn’t even realise it was a thing (let alone something you could do as a job!) but as soon as it came onto my radar and I worked with coaches myself, I knew in my heart that this was what I came here to do.

I came here to be the example for YOU, to show you what else is possible & how good it really get’s to be.

I’ve made it my job to to see & hold you in your absoulte highest potential and to believe in you fiercely, until you see in yourself what I see in you. I trust you, and you will too…

What you didn’t know you wanted to know about me:

  • Human kindness makes me BAWL my eyes out, seeing one human be kind to another touches my soul in ways I can’t describe.
  • I’m such a Foodie and I tell ya, this girl can EAT! Food is life. That is all.
  • Huge-Hearted Weirdo through & through.
  • I lived in Sydney, Australia from age 13 to 20 before moving back to the UK.
  • I went through a phase when I was little where I hated wearing clothes and would insist on sitting at the dining table naked (Freeedom!).
  • I’m really just a big kid at heart, I get so giddy & excitable and often need to just get up and DANCE!
  • I’m a Manifesting Generator in Human Design (hence the reason I usually have a number of different projects on the go at once!).
  • Music is my soul medicine, it has pulled me from the ground and patched me up too many times to count throughout my life, but my taste in music is extremely varied… depends on the day, depends on the mood.
  • I’m known for being a lil’ bit daft, but I’m told it’s endearing, so I’ll roll with it!
  • I am human AF, meaning I accept all that comes as part of the experience, which is good news for you because I will never make you feel weird for feeling what you feel. ALL of you is welcome round these parts!

Feeling like I’m your sister from another mister? Get in touch!


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