Authentically You





Hey there, big-hearted business rebel!

I’m so glad you’ve landed here…..

Hands up if…

  • You’ve recently taken the leap to start your very own heart-centred business (brave move, I like you already!).


  • You’re feeling hella ambitious, ready to make an impact but you’re struggling to really trust yourself because this feels like a whole new world to you and it’s the first time (in a long time) that you’ve truly felt like a beginner at something.


  • You’ve signed up to ALL the freebies, webinars and newsletters trying to find the ONE thing that will help this all make sense, but they’ve left you feeling even more lost & confused than before.


  • You’re starting to question whether you’re really cut out for this and your initial excitement is at an all-time low because the noise out there is SO LOUD and overwhelming that it’s got you at a total loss of what to do next.


  • You love the idea of running an intuitive and soul-led business, but you don’t seem to have an intuitive bone in your body (guess that gene skipped you huh?).


Well big-heart, you’re not doing anything wrong… the business space is.

I get it, I’ve been there and I’ve got good news… there is another way (your way), you’re actually intuitive AF and you’ve absolutely got what it takes.

“Chelsea held me in a safe space that allowed me the freedom to be vulnerable and to explore my
true self, my feminine energy and push the boundaries of how I really desire to run my business.
Chelsea supported me at a time I thought I just needed business coaching, but it wasn’t only that,
she also held me in all areas of life through some deep and personal issues that needed support,
love and healing. She helped me to shine a light on where I was holding myself back and find ways
that I could begin to move forward. I left feeling excited to raise my prices and to bring new offers
to the world because of my renewed belief in myself and the transformation I can offer. I wanted to
feel my life and business merge and flow effortlessly and I have definitely achieved that and more. I’ve
allowed myself to live even more as the successful business owner that I am and I trust myself more
deeply than ever.”

Abbie, Life Coach and Travel Lover, UK

#TruthbombAnyone telling you that there is a certain way you ‘should’ be doing business, is probably the one selling that way of doing business.

It’s a jungle out there and it can be hard to know who’s genuine and who just wants to take your money and run.

If I know anything about what you’re experiencing right now, I’m gonna take a wild guess that you’re also:

  • Receiving weird and scary DM’s from random business coaches (most weeks) that send your natural instincts into a frenzy of ‘this feels dangerous! But what if they know the secret I don’t’…


  • Comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs on Instagram who seem to be killn’ it and wondering what they have that you don’t.


  • ‘Consistency’ is gradually becoming your least-favourite word.


  • You’re doing ALL the things, but not seeing hardly ANY results.


Hey, I’m Chels…

Intuitive Life & Biz Coach for the big-hearted and rebellious humans of the world making the brave move to do things differently.

I would describe myself as ‘pick-N-mix’ in human form. Equal parts deep, soulful, soft & gooey and also, wonderfully weird & wild, with plenty of fizz! A real whizz-pop-BANG, chill AF kind of human, y’know?

I’ve never really felt like I fit in, I’ve always been a bit different and the business space only enhanced that feeling until I realised that being different is where it’s at! Ya feel?

I could tell you about my 10+ years in corporate leadership (but honestly, that would be boring!), my journey to going full-time in biz in less than 12-months (actually, not all it’s cracked up to be!), the fact that I’m a human sponge when it comes to topics I love & process information at warp-speed.

But really, I just want you to know that I’m a real human with real business experience that I’m happy to share with you.

I value honesty, integrity, freedom & fun and love to work with people that feel at home when they’re around me.

No BS, no fluff… just me, my truth (and a few bad jokes).

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not looking to have a huge business that makes millions because that’s not what you crave (it’s okay if you do, but I might not be the coach you’re lookin’ for).

I crave a more simple but lovely life where I have all the money I need + more and when you sign up to work with me, you’re working with ME. It’s personal & I like it that way.

In a world where everyone sells you big, bigger, biggest, I’m aiming to stay smaller, calmer, happier.

That feels more like success to me. If time is the currency of life, I intend to spend it wisely & intentionally.

It’s my absolute pleasure to meet you!

Ready to ditch the old school way of doing business and take a human-first approach that actually feels good and doesn’t require you to be anything other than YOU?

Then let me personally invite you into…

Big Hearts in Business

1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching

For the big-hearted and rebellious humans of the world making the brave move to do things differently.

A deliberately unconventional human-first approach to business designed for and around YOU.

For coaches, mentors, healers, creatives, intuitives & folks who find it hard to describe what they actually do.

Life & Business can feel complicated, so I like to keep things simple with 3 core principles:

1. You don’t need to keep looking outside of yourself for answers.

2. You don’t need to do a bunch of shit you hate.

3. You don’t need to become someone you’re not to get the business success you crave.

      Let’s take a closer look …


      You don’t need to keep looking outside of yourself for answers.

      I don’t have all of the answers for you, but I believe that you do.

      When something is new, it can have you placing higher value on what others say, than that of your own gut feelings, or what feels like your personal truth because you believe them to be more experienced and therefore, to know better.

      But the truth is, experience can help and sometimes support is necessary, but nothing is more valuable than your own intuitive knowing and soul truth, so let’s come back to that and build your beautiful business from there shall we?


      You don’t need to do a bunch of shit you hate.

      I’m calling BS on – “It’s gonna take hard work and sacrifice”.

      Ok, so let’s be real… you’re probably not gonna love EVERY single part of your business (for me it’s the more techy-fiddly admin stuff, you too?)

      BUT! you can love the way you do MOST of it and especially the most important parts like; how you interact with your dream peeps, how you choose to launch and sell your services, how you show up online and how often, as well as how much time you actually spend working in your business Vs living your life outside of it (when was the last time you took a day off?)

      If you do stuff in the way you’ve been told you ‘should’, but that goes against your true nature, who you are or how you actually want to be doing things, you’re gonna end up sacrificing yourself and doing a bunch of shit you hate, which will leave you feeling out of integrity and alignment with who you really are.

      Let’s not do that. Let’s get your business to a place where it’s dripping in integrity and feeling entirely like you.


      You don’t need to become someone you’re not to get the business success you crave.

      If you’re feeling like you don’t fit in to the business space, it’s because you’re not meant to. You came here to carve your own path, not follow someone else’s.

      Business really can be done differently and if anything… it’s actually better when it is.

      You’re never going to be for everyone and that really is okay (sometimes uncomfortable, especially if you’re a sensitive soul like me, but still okay).

      You get to be your wonderfully weird-self, find your wonderfully weird-people and love the hell outta them.

      Bringing more of YOU into your business, is the best thing you’ll ever do.

      Sounding good so far?


      “Before Coaching, I struggled with self-confidence, especially around sharing my new business & the work I’m doing. I struggled to know my worth & had money mindset issues. Chelsea gave me a safe space to be fully seen & heard, she allowed me to express how I was feeling & then in a gentle, but accountable way, helped me with strategies to move forward. Chelsea gently pushed me to start to stretch myself & to start owning who I am & what I’m doing. This was pivotal in my own coaching business & lead to my inner transformation. The biggest shift for me is that I now believe in myself. I know I am courageous & I can do anything my heart and soul desires. I know that the work I am doing is of value, it’s safe for me to put myself out there & to ask for money in return for my services. I got so much out of it, it was a wonderful, inspirational & healing experience.”

      Melissa, Holistic Life Coach & Business Owner

      I don’t believe that there’s any ‘one size fits all’ approach to business, because there’s a human behind it (that’s you!) who has feelings and different lived experiences.

      That’s why I won’t be selling you any kind of 10-step-plans, secret-formulas, blueprints or specific strategies… because I know that’s not what you need.

      You, my friend, are unique and therefore, so is your business.

      Your business isn’t just what you offer, it’s your self-expression, your passion, your magic, your purpose, your talent…your art.

      Starting a business is undoubtedly one of the biggest spiritual & personal development journeys you will ever undertake.

      So, I want you to know that you’re already worthy, entirely capable, you’re not doing anything wrong, you make sense & there is nothing about you that needs fixing… and I’m sorry if the business space has ever made you think otherwise.

      Huge-hearted, deep-feeling, multi-passionate, kinda-introverted, brave & rebellious AF.

      That’s how I would describe most of the amazing humans I work with.

      If you’re here, it tells me that you’re looking for something different.

      You’re nurturing, sensitive, playful and have a rebellious heart so, you’re not really looking for the ‘norm’ (my guess is that you don’t really do ‘normal’?).

      If you’re anything like me, selling your services in a way that feels manipulative, pushes on people’s pain points, creates a false sense of urgency or doesn’t allow people time to be in their process completely turns you off and gives you the ‘ick’ (“that’s called ‘bro marketing’ and that’s not how we do things around here Bro!” –  I did warn you about the bad jokes! lol.)

      You already know that one specific way of creating offers, marketing, launching or selling that works for one person, might not necessarily work for you, because you’ve tried that already.

      That’s why you’re interested in a more human-first approach to business what will be centred around YOU, based on your version of success, what your capacity is like, how much energy you’re able to give to your business, what will best support your dream clients and what way of doing things actually feels good for you.

      So, how about we work with your humanness? Let’s meet you where you’re at, get to know YOU on a much deeper level and then together, work on deepening your self-trust & discover how you best tap into your internal guidance system (your intuition) so that you can find your sweet-spots in business and do things in a way that feels entirely in alignment with you and your life.

      Stephanie Martin

      “I experienced so much growth & clarity, both personally and in my business as a newly trained life coach. Within our coaching series I gained clarity on my niche, launched my mailing list opt-in which grew my list by 34 people, started my website copy, finalized my coaching series offerings, and worked with multiple clients. The accountability, insight, guidance and support I received from Chelsea was extremely valuable. As a new life coach with a big heart and desire to run a very authentic and soul-based business, having Chelsea in my corner to not only cheer me on but guide me along the way was instrumental for me. Before working together I lacked clarity, confidence, and belief in myself that I was deserving and capable of running the business I truly desired. Now I know I am beyond capable of creating my dream business and have the confidence in myself to get there. If you are considering working with Chelsea I highly recommend taking the leap and going for it! You are SO deserving of this opportunity and your big-heart will thank you for it!”

      Stephanie, Self-Love & Empowerment Coach

      So, here’s how it works…

      Big Hearts in Business is my signature 4-month 1:1 Business Coaching Package to support you in your soul-based business which includes:

      – Deep-dive questionnire to get to the heart of you & your business.

      – 10 x 60-90 min 1:1 Coaching sessions over 4 months (4 x weekly followed by 6 x fortnightly calls held via Zoom).

      – Unlimited Voxer Support (voice notes & messages) Mon-Fri throughout the 4 months.

      – Personalised resources & worksheets hand-picked just for you.

      Your investment for this package is £1,444.

      (payment plans available to make this accessible for you).

      Having a clarity call is really supportive for us both, as it gives us the chance to get to know each other, for you to get a taste of what it’s like to be coached by me, have any questions answered, discuss the logistics and to make sure we’re both feeling like an aligned match for coaching together.

      You can book a clarity call directly into my calendar by clicking below and answering a few questions.

      Trust your process…

      Something else you may often hear in the business space, especially with coaching, is to look for the feeling of ‘fck yes!’… I’ve heard many times over that “if it’s not a fck yes, it’s a no” but truthfully, sometimes it feels like a ‘fck… maybe?’.

      Perhaps you’re willing to take risks and chances, but only once you’ve been through your process of weighing it up, considering your options and feeling like it’s a risk worth taking (I’m speaking from experience here because I’ve done this many times over and spent thousands on coaching for myself).

      So, what if it doesn’t feel like a ‘full body yes!’ right now? What if it feels like a –  “I really want to do this, I can’t stop thinking about it, but I’m shit scared and spending this kind of money feels stretchy AF for me, but okay, I’m also excited, so let’s do it… I think!?”

      Well big-heart, I want you to know that whatever your process looks like, is totally okay with me.

      I won’t push you to make a decision on the call, I’ll never ask for your card details there and then, in fact, I would encourage you to sleep on it, talk it through with your partner if needed (I know mine certainly takes some convincing!) and then let me know your decision when you’re ready.

      Sales pressure is the WORST and I’m totally not here for it.

      Still here? Maybe it’s time we talk…


      “My experience was truly incredible and changed my life in so many ways. Chelsea was my personal cheerleader, sounding board and voice of reason. She never pretended to know everything or have all the answers, but she worked through every little thing to help me find the answers within myself. With Chelsea I felt special, important & worthy – I made decisions as Emily and not as a mum, wife or professional… as Emily who has full control of her life and choices. Unlike other people I have worked with I felt able to be completely honest; I didn’t need to hide or make excuses as there was no judgement or shame, just love, understanding & encouragement. Less than 6 weeks after finishing my sessions, I handed my notice in at my job and decided to take my business full time because I now believe in myself enough to follow my heart and know that my life & business is going to be incredible!”

      Emily, Tropic Ambassador & Business Executive

      Here’s some things you might be thinking at this point…

      “Chels… this is exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m not sure I can afford it”

      No probs… I offer a range of payment plans (including extended plans) to make this as accessible as possible for folks. We can talk about this (in a totally non-awkies way) during your clarity call, or just pop me an email if you’re a bit shy when it comes to talking money (I get it!) ? – ultimately though, I’d never want you to put yourself under any serious financial strain to work with me, so it’s important to check in with yourself around this before you make a decision.

      In addition to this, I can also create more bespoke packages to suit your personal needs, so get in touch if this is something you would like to discuss!

      “Four months of support sounds good, but what if I need longer?”

      That’s okay, we can start with the initial 4-months and we’ll do a check-in before our final call where we can talk about extending our time together if that feels good for us both.

      “Ugh!... I’ve done so many courses and programmes that haven’t gotten me where I want to be, so, I’m really scared to invest again…”

      I get it. I’ve been there too. You’ve signed up to so many courses & programmes (most of which you probs haven’t finished) and it can leave you feeling totally disappointed because you didn’t get the results that were promised.

      Most of the time it’s because they haven’t taken into account YOU and your humanness which is why I make a point of doing just that!

      This definitely isn’t a ‘get-rich-quick’ deal, but I can promise you’ll experience deep transformation, real results and you will get ALL of me (I don’t hold anything back!)

      Take your time to think about it, honour your process 100% and also, feel free to talk to me about your concerns if that will help (promise I don’t bite ?).

      “Chels, what if I just want Life Coaching because I don’t have a biz right now?”

      So, here’s the thing… I’m not currently offering Life Coaching as a stand-alone service (at least for now). I’m a Certified Coach for Life & Business of course, but when I recently got super-honest with myself, the truth is that I totally LOVE working with humans in their business.

      I’m a big believer in going where your energy want to flow… But of course, life is always happening no matter what’s going on in your business, so life coaching is naturally a part of the process too. I like to think of this as a Life & Business Coaching infusion – ooo tasty!

      That’s not to say that you have to be a business owner right now. If you’re an ambitious big-hearted, deep-feeling human, who is currently dreaming up your beautiful biz and wants some support in bringing that beauty to life! Then let’s talk and see how I can support you.

      Phwoar! If you’ve made it this far, I’m very impressed!

      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging out with me in my online space today, I hope you’ve felt at home around here! (like we were sat across from each other drinking the best oat milk iced latte’s we’ve ever tasted! YUM! ?)

      Your next step from here is to book in your clarity call and to take this conversation down a 2-way street, see you there big-heart!

      Sending so much love from one big-hearted business rebel to another!

      Chels xo


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