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Big Hearts in Business

1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching.

(This is business coaching in a way you’ve likely never experienced before, a brand new flavour & I think you’re gonna like it!)

For the beautiful & rebellious, big-hearted women of the world, making the brave move to do things differently.

Before reading any further, I want you to know that in this moment, as you are, right now, there is nothing about you that needs fixing. You are already inherently worthy & entirely capable. My purpose here is simply to remind you of that and keep reminding you, until you see & feel it for yourself.

My style of business coaching will likely go against what you’ve previously been told, in fact, it’s probably going to be the absolute opposite of everything you’re hearing & seeing out in the business world right now. Intrigued? I’m glad, because you’re about to hand the mic over to your SOUL…


I know you have what it takes

You’re a kind-hearted & soulful coach or entrepreneur in the wellness industry who’s recently taken the leap to start your very own heart-led business.

You’re feeling ambitious, ready to make an impact and you’d love to run your business intuitively. But you’re finding it difficult to trust yourself when this feels like a whole new world to you and it’s the first time, in a long time, you’ve truly felt like a beginner at something.

The initial excitement you felt when you took the leap is beginning to fizzle out because all the noise out there is becoming SO LOUD.

It’s bad enough that you spend half your time comparing yourself to all the other heart-led businesses on Instagram (who by the way, ALL seem to be doing amazing!) but now you’re anxiously trying to figure out which ‘strategies’ to use or ‘nurture sequences’ to implement, even though you barely even understand what any of those things mean and you’re exhausted!

All you really want to do is run your business in a way that feels completely in alignment with who you are and how you want your life to feel, is that really too much to ask?

You’ve signed up to all the freebies, the newsletters and you’ve been trying to keep up with all of the ways you’re constantly being told you ‘should’ do things in order to be successful and get the clients/sales and you’re getting so tired of it all, it’s making you wonder whether this is really all worth the effort… You know in your heart that it is, but you never expected it to feel THIS hard.

This whole showing up ‘consistently’ on social media malarky has become such a chore and is sucking the life out of you. The more you try to think about what to post next, the less ideas you have, because what are you supposed to post about when you have nothing to say? It’s making you feel like you’re just not cut out for this.

And seriously! If you get one more of those unsolicited messages in your inbox from the next business coach claiming they can get you to a ‘six-figure biz’ in the next 3 months you’re going to blow your lid!

You don’t even know if that’s the kind of business you want anyway, you don’t know if you want systems or a team or to have multiple income streams because, I mean sure, it sounds good in theory but you haven’t had a moment to stop and breathe, or think!

Gosh…right now you’d be happy to just get some clients!

What would be really nice is to have someone who’s actually going to listen to you, to help you tap into your intuition, trust yourself and guide you towards figuring out exactly what it is that YOU want from your life & biz. Exactly what way of doing things feels good to you so that you can get back to feeling calm, grounded and excited about your business again.

Someone that will hold space and help you to get into alignment so you can build up your self-belief and receive the reassurance you need to confirm that; you really do know what’s best for you and YOUR business… the rest is just noise.

Well, kind heart, you really do know what’s best and there is another way of doing things.

There’s the way that works for you and I’m here to guide you to discover exactly what that is.

I’m not about to tell you I have all of the answers, because I don’t.

I’m not here to give you the latest strategy, the super-secret sauce, the instant ‘six-figure biz’ or the perfectly mapped out ‘10-step plan to business success!’

I’m here to guide you towards getting your life and business into alignment so that it feels entirely like you. Entirely like your big-hearted beautiful self.

And those results you’re after? Well, they get to be an incredibly beautiful by-product.

I’m here to coax & seduce the magic out of you that’s already lying in wait beneath the surface… BURNING to get out.

Ready to come on a journey home to yourself so that you can approach life & business from an entirely aligned place?

There’s more… keep reading below

Keen to know more?

Imagine feeling like this instead

Imagine feeling an unwavering sense of self-trust, self-belief and building such a deep & potent relationship with your intuition that you’ll wonder how you ever made it this far without her (here’s a clue, you didn’t!).

With my support you’ll be guided towards a fresh approach to your business from a completely aligned place so that you can welcome in more ease, flow, abundance and of course… clients!

I coach women in life & business, but I don’t exactly consider myself a ‘business coach’ as such, that title doesn’t sit right with me.

I consider myself a woman in business who’s consciously choosing to go against the common narrative that ‘this has to be hard’ or that you ‘must follow a specific strategy’ – brave move I know, when it feels like the whole world is telling you otherwise…

I’m also a woman in business who’s really good at having the conversations with other women in business that most would dodge.

I’m a truth-teller, I say it how it really is and wear my heart on my sleeve. Ask me what’s worked? I’ll tell you. Ask me what’s failed? I’ll tell you that too. I’m a whole lot of REAL and no topic is ever out of bounds with me.

I’ve seen the results that can happen when your heart & energy is in the right place, when you’re coming from a place of alignment and I want you to experience that too.

Ready to get brave right along with me?

Still reading?

Let me tell you more

Why did I create this program? Because it’s exactly what I needed, and someone once told me “don’t write the book that’s in your head, write the book that you wish existed”… but I’m not in the practice of writing books right now, I’m in the practice of holding space and this is the space I wish existed, the space I needed… You’re welcome 😊

I’m creating this program for YOU because I’m finally ready to let go of the story that’s been playing on repeat in my head that says “You’re not qualified to do this” and “who are you to help other women in business” but after a 10-year corporate career of leading people and now over 12-months of running my own business and supporting other women in theirs, from coaches, healer’s, yoga teachers, writers, creatives, singers, bloggers, photographers to direct sales managers, virtual assistants, hairdressers, beauticians, personal trainers, designers and accountants… I’d say;

who the hell am I not to help other women in business?”

And after hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations with other women about their lives and businesses and each of them lighting me ALL the way up every.single.time. I’m finally realising that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. And if you’ve read this far, then I think you’re exactly where you need to be too.

You feelin’ it kind heart? Coz I am…

Ready to do this? Let’s get your life & business into complete alignment, let’s get it feeling entirely like YOU.

So how will this work?

We will have a total of 10- sessions together over 4 months + initial consult and this is how it will look:

  • 1 x clarity questionnaire – here we will look at exactly what it is that you want for your life & business.
  • 1 x 45-60 min consult – during your consult you can ask me any questions you might have however, I will mostly spend this time coaching you so that you can get a flavour of my coaching style & so that we can determine if we are an aligned match to work together. I only work with people I know I can help.

If it’s a full body YES! Then we get down to business!

  • 4 x Weekly 60-min sessionsFor the first month we will meet weekly to really build-up your momentum, motivation & inspiration and get you feeling totally on track with where you want to be in your life & biz.
  • 6 x Fortnightly 60-min sessions we then move to fortnightly sessions to make sure the momentum built in month 1 continues on as we move through this journey together for a further 3 months to get your life & business into complete alignment and feeling entirely like YOU.
  • Unlimited Email & Voice-note support You’ll have unlimited access to me Monday – Friday by either email or voice notes. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can move through and progress from voice notes alone, I highly recommend you use this!

Your Investment:

£333 per month with a small discount if paid in full.

(extended payment plans also available to make this feel supportive for you)

Feeling unsure on whether this is right for you?

Get in touch to book a free alignment call where you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be coached by me & to go through any questions – I love to have open & honest conversations with people on whether this investment is the right one. I trust that by the end of the call, you will have the clarity you are looking for.

I am deeply devoted to my craft & once someone chooses to work with me, I am all in.

It is therefore important that; if you are considering working with me in this way, you are also ready for this level of devotion to yourself & your business (physically, emotionally, spiritually & financially).

You don’t need me & I will never try to convince you that you do. You’ve got this & you’ve got you.

However, I deeply believe in the power & transformation that coaching can offer.

So if working with me is something that you want & that you’re being intuitively pulled towards, then I would love to support you if we feel like a good fit.

Ready to create some Magic?


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